The Midnight Choir (A Whisperings Short)

Coming December 2015. An expanded version of the little tale first featured on this blog will be an Amazon exclusive.

Miserable with flu, Tiff feels trapped in her house by faceless figures watching her from the street. Royal doesn’t answer his phone, the police think she is jumping at shadows. This could be the un-merriest Christmas ever.


19 Responses to The Midnight Choir (A Whisperings Short)

  1. Love The Whisperings! Got the first for free, then bought the others and read tbe two holiday shorts. Please tell me you mean to continue this wonderful series, and when we can expect the next one.
    Thank you, so very much, for your wonderful storytelling.

    • Oop! Sorry… I just read your comments and realized this series has ended. If one day that wonderful family starts speaking to you again, I’m sure I speak for many others when I say “Yeah… bring it on”!

      • I was going to direct you to the post, Beth. No guarantees, but don’t entirely give up on Whisperings because I haven’t. Right now I’m working on another Downside book. Downside Rain was supposed to be a one off, but another story came into my head and has to go on paper. You never know, the same may happen with Whisperings.

        Thank you for complimenting me on my storytelling. You are oh so kind!


  2. Of course she said yes, she’s pregnant with his child ;-)

    BTW, these snippets are such a great idea! I often think about characters after a book series ends, and wonder how they are doing… I imagine Tiff and Royal are still with you prompting more? Maybe it is because your readers have not let them go? Just thinking out loud…

  3. Linda, it’s an amazing series. I downloaded the first book, loved it, downloaded the next 5, read them and now sit, not so patiently, awaiting the news on the next installment. PLEASE say you are writing, or will write, more of this wonderful story!
    It’s authors like you that make me seriously consider following my dream of writing. I hope you stick around for many more yes bringing new worlds to us.

    • Susan, I’m glad you enjoyed Whisperings and thanks for coming here to let me know. Quite a few author friends can whip out books, unfortunately I’m not that fast! I AM working on two books but can’t say when either of them will be finished and published.

      Have you read my latest book Downside Rain? It’s available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Kobo. The links are on this page:

      Thanks for stopping by!

      PS: I hope you do follow your dream!

      • Linda,
        Yes, I just read about Rain, Castle et al. Another interesting read. I’m now off to read Femme Fatales… Can’t wait, and I should be in bed! Perhaps one chapter before retiring for the night?
        Looking forward to your next book, whenever you are able to set it forth to us.
        Susan :-)

        • Susan, I’m very glad you enjoyed Downside Rain. I love that story, but not many people have discovered it. (I don’t know whether you should read Femmes just before going to bed – it may give you nightmares.) ;)


  4. I neeeeed another whispering book, this series was amazing.

  5. Time for another book…. :)

  6. wow and they lived happy ever after……… sweet ;-)

  7. That was very sweet! I enjoyed it very much. At the same time though it just made me miss them all over again!

  8. What a sweet short, and done with the perfect song. Loved it soooooo much.

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