Dead Demon Walking



Is anyone else and their sweetie whisked from a romantic getaway and end up in the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington DC? I don’t even get to show Royal my new sexy underwear.

The FBI think I’m a Medium. They want me to “communicate” with the victims of a particularly brutal murder. I have a hard time believing the Bureau would seek the help of a psychic investigator, let alone one from Clarion, Utah. I don’t think they’re being honest with me.

What I discover at the crime scene tells me the killer is not human. I’m surprised when the agents reach the same conclusion. Luckily, they are way off base.

I don’t expect to revisit old places, or see old faces who demand Royal and I quit the investigation. I don’t expect to risk losing everything and everyone I cherish.

And what is it with Jack and Dale Jericho?


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9 responses to “Dead Demon Walking

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  2. Dear Ms. Welch,
    I recently ” discovered your books on amazon kindle. After reading the first chapter of Along came a Demon, I went ahead and purchased all 3 books. I enjoy your story line and your take on the ghost/ supernatural theme and look forward to, hopefully, many more to come.
    Sincerely, Patricia

  3. Is book 3 only available for Nook and Kindle??? 🙁

    • Hi Jennni,

      Thanks for contacting me! Dead Demon Walking is also available in paperback from There is a link on the right side of my Home page.


  4. Hey, I just finished Dead Demon Walking.
    I really enjoyed it. When is the next book coming out? You have me hooked girl 🙂

  5. I read ‘Along Came a Demon’ last week and I just finished reading ‘The Demon Hunters’ today. I loved them both. What’s next to enter Tiff’s world, Werewolves/shapeshifters? Looking forward to the soon to be released book three.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Bill. I can’t give away too much – let’s just say the Otherworldy characters in the books are not what you commonly find in urban fantasy/paranormal. As Tiff says, “Vampires and werewolves and fae- they don’t exist.”

      Book 3, Dead Demon Walking, is now available as Kindle and Nook, and should be out in paperback soon. And I hope you saw the contest post?


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