What Happened to Friday?

I’m getting the pre-publication jitters. It won’t be long now, just waiting for the paperback proof. This will be the second. I hope there won’t be a third. I have Dead Demon Walking set up to go on Kindle. I’m on the brink of pressing the button. Do I want to do it? No, by god, I don’t!

Will readers like the plot, the characters, the way I tell the story? Did I skip over some enormous contradiction? Will the Kindle formatting look as good as on their preview? A hundred and one other possible boo-boos.

I AM scared. And no reassurance from Whisperings fans will banish my fears. I’ve sold an awful lot of books and hope those readers will come back for Dead Demon Walking. Sure, a heap of readers love Along Came a Demon and The Demon Hunters, but some liked book one but not book two. Some like book two but not book one. They are going to judge the series by the third. If they don’t like it, they won’t come back for the fourth.

I’ve been so deep in editing and reading the damn thing, I haven’t had much time for anything but that and my day job. I am sick of reading it! I have completely neglected social networking. Barely looked at Facebook or Goodreads or any other such sites. I keep my eye on Kindeboards via e-mail but very rarely jump in. Twitter? The other day I got out of bed and thought, I must at least do my FollowFridays on Twitter. Friday? It was Saturday morning. Where did Friday go?

My dog feels neglected. I can tell by the way he curls up in his little plaid dog bed all the time. He knows dropping a toy on my foot is a useless ploy. “Later,” I tell him. “Mommy’s busy.” My house is a mess. I have a nice house, with nice things in it. I once kept it looking pretty good but I’ve neglected it. I manage a cook supper four nights a week, and do laundry at the weekend. Anything else? Forget it. My husband has given up talking to me – I rarely hear him.

I have half the prizes for the Contest but have to get the others. Somewhen. The contest is to celebrate the release. Yes, it’s also a blatant promotion of the Whisperings series, but show me one that isn’t. I’ve never done a contest before. Will I get any response?

Will I have any hair left on my head, or fingernails which aren’t chewed to the quick, this time next week?

Is that the theme music to Jaws or Psycho playing in my head?

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