Going, going . . . .

I’m off to England for my  long-awaited vacation. Hubby and I will meet up with my mum, siblings and hopefully some nephews and nieces. And I’ll return home about ten pounds heavier. God, I love those English bangers (sausages) along with everything else. My home town hosts vendors from France and Italy, so I’ll be sampling goodies (also known as pigging out) in the local market too.

I’m working on book four: Demon Demon Burning Bright. I know this will be a difficult one to write. The first four books of Whisperings are installments, or episodes, which make up the whole.  All loose ends must be tied, big and little, and all mysteries solved in book four.  And writing without my MacKlutzy nearby is harder than I thought it would be. When I first wrote of Tiff’s little friend Mac he was a melding of my two Scotties Angus and Duncan, but Angus quickly took over the role. He was MacKlutzy from his slitty eyes to his stubby little legs. Tiff needs MacKlutzy, but putting him alongside her now Angus is gone requires a determined effort.

I’m getting strong, unhappy vibrations from Mel. I think she needs someone or something new in her unlife. I’ll have to do something about that, eventually, because as you know, unhappy shades can make Tiff’s life miserable.

I’m writing this as if Whisperings will end with book four, but it definitely won’t. I’ll continue to write Whisperings mysteries. Perhaps a little more insight into Tiff’s past before she met Royal will be included. Tiff and Royal will have adventures far and wide. The first of these will be Demon on a Distant Shore. (I wrote it – and Dead Demon Walking – in 2010, then decided it would not work as the third book. I needed to solve Tiff’s mysteries before I took her to England.) Just a few minor revisions are needed.

A new urban fantasy series is developing, as yet only in my mind. Moving away from Tiff feels daunting – I know her so well and the female lead in these yet to be written books is nothing like Tiff.

So – I’m off to England for three weeks, my friends! You all behave yourselves while I’m gone.

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