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It’s a wonderful day in the neigborhood . . .

. . . one of those days which make me happy to be alive.

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Sample Sunday: Along Came a Demon, Chapter 1.

If you haven’t read Along Came a Demon, please take a look at Chapter 1!

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Everybody else is doing it.

I mean, of course, blogging about traditional publishing vs self-publishing.

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Happy Father’s Day.

A kind and gentle man.

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England, my England.

I’m home!

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Going, going . . . .

Almost gone.

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I’m delighted to announce the winners of the Celebrate the Release of Dead Demon Walking contest!

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What Happened to Friday?

It’s cooooooming!

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Dead Demon Walking



Is anyone else and their sweetie whisked from a romantic getaway and end up in the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington DC? I don’t even get to show Royal my new sexy underwear.

The FBI think I’m a Medium. They want me to “communicate” with the victims of a particularly brutal murder. I have a hard time believing the Bureau would seek the help of a psychic investigator, let alone one from Clarion, Utah. I don’t think they’re being honest with me.

What I discover at the crime scene tells me the killer is not human. I’m surprised when the agents reach the same conclusion. Luckily, they are way off base.

I don’t expect to revisit old places, or see old faces who demand Royal and I quit the investigation. I don’t expect to risk losing everything and everyone I cherish.

And what is it with Jack and Dale Jericho?


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Never be without your beta

Beta readers rock!

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