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Anne R. Allen

A laugh-out-loud adventure in the good old British Isles from author Anne R. Allen.

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Sarah Woodbury goes medieval.

This week’s creative Indie Chick is Sarah Woodbury, a prolific writer of historical fiction.

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I’m delighted to start 2012 with a guest post by Cheryl Shiremen

Cheryl is the mastermind behind the Indie Chicks Anthology. She is our mentor and our inspiration, and an out and out nice lady. She is also, like me, a grandma who has discovered there are more important things than writing.

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Donna Fasano

A mainstream author goes Independent.

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Lizzy Ford

This week please meet epic fantasy author Lizzy Ford!

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Danielle Blanchard

Today I’m delighted to introduce fabulous Indie Chick author Danielle Blanchard. This is her story:

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Me and Murphy’s Law

Me and Murphy have been the greatest of pals since forever.

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