Road Trip, a Whisperings Paranormal Short Story

Road Trip Cover last tryRoad Trip, a Whisperings short story, takes Tiff, Royal, Jack and Mel to southern Utah in a quest to find the body of a  brutally murdered woman. Tiff would rather her roommates stayed at home in Clarion, but there is no way to shake off shades who cling to your aura and come along for the ride. And Jack is determined to see his ex-lover, Dale, and discover why the man has not been in touch for over a month.

I . . . um . . . borrowed (cough) a Whisperings fan for this story. I know she’ll recognize herself.


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4 responses to “Road Trip, a Whisperings Paranormal Short Story

  1. Thanks Linda for another peek into the lives of Tiff & Co. a great read and fun ending. Can’t wait for the next one

  2. YEEEEEHAWWWW! I am so incredibly happy right now!! Thank you Linda so much for making my day today!!! I can’t wait until I can climb in my big warm bed and start my new adventure with my good friends!! I was just thinking about this the other day and wondering when I would get this email telling me it was available!!

    • I’m glad you’re happy, Tamera! I didn’t think anyone would be that elated over a little short story. Bless you. ;)


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