Where Have All The Whisperings Gone?


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Dear Scribd readers of my books. I know you’re out there, because Scribd used to pay me for every book you read. I’m sorry if you didn’t get to read all of the Whisperings series before they vanished.

I expect you know that in June of this year, Scribd began a massive purge of their e-book catalogue. It started by removing tens of thousands of books from the Romance and Erotica genres. Why? Those naughty, naughty Romance readers were reading too much! :D For their small subscription fee they could satisfy their craving, devouring book after book after book, and their fee didn’t cover what Scribd had to pay the authors of those books.

Unfortunately, many books which were not Romance and/or Erotica got scooped up in the purge, including mine. Nobody knows what parameters Scribd is using to select which books it dumps, but I suspect it uses software which is seriously up the creek. Let’s look at what is left on Scribd.

Two – yes TWO – Along Came a Demon. It’s the first book in a seven books series, but if you use Scribd you won’t get to read the rest.

The three Whisperings shorts. You won’t get as much out of these little stories if you haven’t read the Whisperings series. Unfortunately, you can’t. Not on Scribd.

Baelfleur is there. Baelfleur is the sequel to Downside Rain. Again, unless you’ve read Downside Rain, many references in Baelfleur will be lost on you.

On an author/reader forum, I read that subscribers who ask Scribd what happened to certain books are told the author or the publisher removed them. I’m sure this is true because when the purge began, all my books seemed to still be there on Scribd, except clicking on a book’s icon took me to a page which said the book was unavailable because the author or publisher removed it. Icons for unavailable books have now disappeared, along with that lying, totally unethical statement.

So I am writing this post to let you know I’m sorry my books are gone, but I had no say in the matter. Maybe they’ll reappear on Scribd one of these days, but I’m not holding my breath. :o

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