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  1. Hi! Hope You’re doing well!

    My name is Lydia. I received a guest post message from you but still get no response. Did you pick the topic?

    Kind Regards,

  2. I just started the Whisperings series and finished book 1 in an evening. Loved every but of it. On book 2 and planning to grab them all. I do hope you come back to this series again at some point but I’ll check out your other works when I finish these. SO happy I found this series.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Kelli! I’m glad you found Along Came a Demon and decided to read it. I do hope you enjoy the rest of the series – the other books are a little darker than the first. If you finish the series, you’ll find out all about the Gelpha, Dark Cousins and Tiff’s origins. And I probably will come back to the series at some point.

      Happy reading!

  3. Kimberly fuentes

    I sure hope something brings you back to this series. I feel like you have much left to write in this awesome series. Best wishes to you and all your amazing writing. Thank you so much!!!!

  4. Kimberly fuentes

    Will you be writing anymore books in the whispering series? I love these books! Im hoping to see what else goes on with the war. Or is this story done???????

    • Hi Kimberly,

      I don’t have plans for another Whisperings at this moment, but I’m not ruling it out altogether. I wrote about it here:

      I’m really not trying to be a tease when I say I don’t know. The first four books were planned, I knew the plot and outcome. I did not intend to write more. Then the last two came as inspirations I couldn’t ignore. Who knows, perhaps inspiration will strike again. I hope so, because I miss Tiff and Royal. :)

  5. I read your series this weekend because your first book was free. Is there a book 7 coming soon.

    • You read the series in one weekend! Wow! Thank you SO much. I don’t see another Whisperings book in the immediate future, but have not entirely ruled out the possibility. Perhaps you’d check out this post:

      I hope you’ll take a look at Downside Rain, an urban fantasy available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iTunes. I’m working on book two.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  6. Hi Linda,

    I’ve just read the Whisperings series, back to back, over the last week. Really great stuff – I love your style/voice. I am a wannabe author and have finished two parts of my paranormal trilogy, but now I want to go back and re-write them in the first person. I haven’t summed up enough courage to publish yet, and when I read a series like yours, it makes me realise how much more work I have to do.

    I’ve signed up for the email alerts.

    Thanks again – a great read. I’ll leave a review on Amazon when I get a sec, I know how important they are!


    • Hi Al!

      Thanks for reading my books. I’m SO glad you enjoyed them.

      Choosing a POV isn’t easy. I like first person, I think it can give the reader a more intimate experience, as if the main character is speaking to them one-on-one, but there are drawbacks: you can’t get inside the supporting characters’ heads. I know many authors won’t use first person, and hear that some people won’t read a book written in the POV. I’ve gone back and forth with my latest work, Downside Rain, and changed the POV twice. It boils down to what the writer feels is the best fit for their work

      If you complete your trilogy before publishing, you can release each book without too long a wait in between. Smart move!

      Thanks in advance for the review. Reviews are important for a number of reasons, chiefly that they let people know a book is worth reading.

      Heaps of luck with your writing and future publishing!


  7. Dear Linda,
    I just finished reading the last book in your Whispers Series. I read all of them back to back. I simply loved the series and will truly miss Tiff and Royal. I began to think of them as friends. This was one of the best series in this genre that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. BTW, The model on the covers is simply stunning. Thank you so much for giving Tiff & Royal a proper HEA! Your series possessed everything I like in a paranormal cozy mystery: mystery, intrigue, suspense, action, romance, interesting supporting characters, the paranormal, a likeable heroine and a “hunkadelicious” hero. Gawd, If only I could find a man/being like Royal! lol Thank you so much for sharing your delightful imagination & talent with us mere mortal. Here’s wishing you much happiness and continued success.

    • Dear Juliette,

      I feel on top of the world after reading your wonderful message. I can’t thank you enough.

      Royal – yummy doesn’t describe how I see Royal in my imagination. I think I’ve surfed the internet almost to death trying to find a guy who looks like him. No luck. Even if he didn’t look hot, his personality would make me go all gooey. And here I am, married almost 41 years. I should be ashamed of myself!

      Seriously, I’m deeply gratified that the series gave you pleasure. Thanks again for writing.


  8. Hi Linda,
    Thank you for getting back to me and the advise. I do appreciate it. I will see what is available locally, and then look for online workshops if I can’t find anything here.

  9. Hi Linda, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed “Along Came a Demon.” I’ve been thinking about writing a novel, but not quite sure how to go about it. Any pointers are welcome.

    • Hi Veronica. I’m so glad you enjoyed Along Came a Demon.

      The thing to do, for a start, is just write! Decide on your plot, your characters, if you’ll write first person or third person, then get it down on paper (keyboard?.) Join some writers groups/forums. A local or online critique group, a writer’s workshop, etc., are also helpful. You’ll find that many authors in those groups are happy to advise you once you have something for them to look at. Check out your local library for workshops. Grow a thick skin, and be prepared for honest input you may not always be happy to hear. Above all enjoy what you’re writing!


  10. I just finished book six and I have to say I enjoyed the series. Tiff and royal were wonderful characters and your little comments about Mac were hysterical. Thank you for a great ride and I hope you have a book seven coming out soon.


    • Anna, as an author, nothing makes me happier than when someone takes the time and trouble to let me know they enjoy my books. Thank you SO much. :)

  11. Hi, I read the first book “Along Came a Demon” and I can’t seem to find the other books in the series available for my nook anywhere. I checked B&N & Smashworlds via your link and got no results. I love the first book and I really want to read more – are you only selling through Amazon :( or am I doing something wrong in my searches?

    • Hi Amanda,

      I’m really happy you enjoyed Along Came a Demon, and sorry the rest of the books are not currently available anywhere else. At the moment, my books are Amazon exlusives. Why? Could you read this post by author David Gaughran? He says it so much better than I could,

      When it got to the point I sold only a handful of books a month on Barnes and Noble, despite the money I have invested in promotion, I had to make a tough decision. Stay with etailers who made my books difficult to find, or be exclusive with Amazon who actually advertize my books to consumers in emails and “also boughts.” Amazon KDP Select allows me to periodically offer Along Came a Demon at no cost, which is a good promotional tactic (I hope :))as buyers may return for the rest of the series, and let their customers borrow the books (I get paid for borrows as I do for sales.)

      This is not to say my books will remain exclusive to Amazon. If I see a shift in the trend, I may again publish them with other etailers, but at the moment I am locked in KDP Select.

      If you are willing to read the books on your computer or iPhone, you can download aps from Amazon which allow you to do this.

      Sorry for the loooooooooong reply. I’ve been waiting for someone to ask this question!


  12. Although many have said it before – I have just finished Along Came a Demon and thoroughly enjoyed it! Wonderful characters and terrific humor! Not really news to you I realize but thanks for the read! I’m looking forward to following the series. Again -thanks!

    • No, thank YOU, Dinah. To be cliched, your message is music to my ears. You just made my day, probably my entire weekend!

  13. I just finished reading Along Came a Demon on my Kindle. I enjoyed your story very much and will buy your other books in this series. I don’t remember how I have swerved into reading paranormal mysteries but I am enjoying more of them. It’s interesting, I previously read a mystery with werewolves, witches, etc. as characters but didn’t like it that much. I thought I may have been too old (I am 64) and made a note that these books were for Twilight-type people (the movie). So why I thoroughly enjoyed your book with a demon character is a mystery. I am also getting to understand the self-publishing industry and happily support that. I am a person from the US who is living in Cornwall for the next 3 years with my husband who works for the US govt. So I enjoyed reading your blog about England and pasties, sausage rolls, clotted cream, etc. Just want you to know how much I enjoyed your book. Cheers!

    • Thanks for this, NormaJean! I’m glad you enjoyed Along Came a Demon and discovered not all paranormal books are about sparkly Twilight-type vampires, etc. I’m also pleased you support Indie authors, there are a lot of good ones out there.

      I love Cornwall and would happily live there, but I’d be fat as a pig, totally unable to resist all that Cornish cream, etc. I hope you enjoy your 3 years there.


  14. I will religiously check your site for ANY info on the Demon Demon Burning Bright – just finished book 3 – PHEW and will be chewing my nails anxiously waiting for book 4! LOVE THE SERIES

    • Thanks for the compliment, Pat, you made my day! Summer is a slow writing time for me, visitors galore, but I hope to have DDBB out before Christmas.


  15. Read your article about traditional publishing vs self-publishing. Very helpful. Thanks. Self-publishing gives you the tools and power to control your product and so I think it’s a much better option.

    • Thanks, Mej! Different methods serve people depending on their needs and ultimate desires. We have to decide which suits us best.


  16. Hi Ms. welch please tell all I said ‘Hi” in England.. I’m from Liverpool been here in the U.S. forever though. I went back home in 2009 and stayed with relatives in Leamington Spa and enjoyed every minute. I love Tiff & company they make me laugh, you make me laugh. I left a messaage on one of your amazon discussion pages. Glad I found your series, I’m now playing catch up and having fun reading about Tiff crawling through the prickly bush.

    • Hey Dawn! I’m back here in the U S of A now, but I had such a good time in Old Blighty! I wonder if you still have your scouse accent? I still have my accent and hope I keep it. Thanks for that message on Amazon, I thought I’d never get one on there!!! SO glad you like Whisperings, Tiff and her pesky “company.”


  17. Hey Linda,

    I just finished your series. I really enjoyed Royal & Tiff and the great story lines. I will be looking forward to book 4. If you have a newsletter, etc….please sign me up!

    PS. I live in North Idaho not to far from Sandpoint…I see you were an Idaho girl for a while too =)

    Take care, Meagan

    • Thanks so much for that, Meagan. I don’t know about other authors, but a personal message from a reader means more to me than the best review! I don’t have a newsletter as yet, chiefly because I’m about the laziest person in the universe. I try to update on this site, so I’d be happy if you kept an eye on it.


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