Dark Demon Rising is here!

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Dark Demon Rising

Whisperings Paranormal Mystery book seven.




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What would you think if you woke in an unfamiliar place, with no memory of how you got there?

Suppose it’s a dream, and pinch yourself?

What if you can’t pinch yourself?

I have to rely on my ghostly buddies and a fake clairvoyant to help me solve a personally harrowing mystery and just when we think we’ve found the guilty party, the game changes. The real culprit’s convoluted plan is diabolical and shooting me was the first step. The next step could change the Gelpha world, and that would be just the start.

Poor Royal. He’s tolerated my interaction with dead people but never been happy with it. Now he has to take a real leap of faith. Now, if he wants to save my life and protect the future of three worlds, he has to believe.

6 responses to “Dark Demon Rising is here!

  1. I Just want to say thank you. For all the entertainment. The series is great. I love that You get an actual feel for the Characters. As I read I see it as a movie instead of as a book. I came home from work and couldn’t find the “Show I had been watching. I asked my sister and she reminded me I was reading not watching the telly. THAT is the sign of a good story, when your imagination is so engaged that you can’t tell if you were reading or watching it unfold.

    • JoAnne, you bring tears to my eyes. I’m gratified and flattered you confused my books with a show you thought you were watching. THAT is an unparalleled compliment. Most of all, I’m glad my writing gave you pleasure. I aim to please, and am happy that for one reader at least, I did. ;)


  2. Tommie Satterlee

    I love this series please continue. It’s hard to find a good series. Most series I’ve read keep repeating themselves, and yours don’t. It’s refreshing to say, “ok what are Tiff and Royal going to get into.” They are the best, they argue, get mad, irritate each other, then of course they let their stubborn ways go and make-up. Keep up the good work, and thank you for the adventure.

    • Hi Tommie. So kind of you to take the time to let me know how you feel about Whisperings. I’m glad the books entertain you. With every book I’ve said the same thing you did: ok, what are Tiff and Royal going to get into this time? because whatever I think I’m going to write, they take over the story and often do something different!!!


  3. I can’t wait to read the final version! Love,love,love this series!!

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