Rambling about brain farts.

I think it’s time for a Rambling post! In this one, I hi-lite my lack of intelligent brain cells.

I haven’t written anything since I published Demon on a Distant Shore and I think lack of activity is affecting the gray matter. You know how it works – what you don’t use, atrophies. Take this morning, for instance.

My sister’s birthday is coming up. She’s in England, so I have to get the card mailed now. In fact, I’m a little late getting it off. So this morning, I realized I forgot to get a card for her when I picked up several birthday cards yesterday. I keep a supply of cards for different occasions, so looked through them, but didn’t see anything suitable. Great. I didn’t want to drive all the way into Ogden for one card and hoped the local market had one I liked. I’d have to take a pen and return address label and prepare the card while I sat in my car.

I needed to check her address, because I can never remember the postal code. I booted up my laptop, found my address book and started to jot her address on paper. But as I looked at it, I wondered if had the wrong house number. I had recorded #3, but was it? Mum’s address is #3 – did I duplicate that for sister’s address? Is her address really #4. Damn!

I went into Facebook and messaged my niece. “Is your Mum at #3 or #4?” Then I impatiently waited for her reply, watching the clock.

While I waited, I went in the kitchen to sip my soda, and saw the lovely card I bought for my sister at least two weeks ago, propped up beneath the phone so I wouldn’t misplace it.


The address was still a problem, though. How can I forget my sister’s address? It’s ridiculous! I decided to use MSN maps for a visual of her street. I’ve used it before and it actually did a better job than Google Earth. If I looked at the row of terraced houses, surely I could spot which one was hers. But the aerial view didn’t cooperate on my laptop. I couldn’t get it to shift around so the camera faced the front of the terrace, not the back.

I went into the office and booted up the desktop. Checked Facebook again, but no reply from my niece. Found sister’s street using MSN and I was able to shift the view so it faced her house.

I still couldn’t figure out which was her house. There appeared to be six houses in the terrace.  Her house wall is darker than the others and I thought that would help me identify it. But two of the houses had darker facades, and bushes could hide another front door,  making it seven houses.  Or maybe one of the houses has two doors at the front, making it five or six houses. Counting houses from either end of the terrace was no help at all.

Going back in the kitchen, my gaze rested on a large manila envelope.  I needed an envelope to store some papers, didn’t have a new one, but found this used envelope in the cupboard.  Squinting, I moved closer. The envelope was originally from my sister, with her address on the back.


So I guess I’d better start writing again and kick my brain back in gear.




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