Summer Fun.

I’m looking forward to summer this year. For the first time since we moved into our mountain valley, we will not have guests, or take weeks-long vacations in other states or in the UK. Don’t misunderstand me – I enjoy entertaining guests. But our visitors have been to Northern Utah before, so keeping them amused means ferrying them to other areas of Utah or other states, so we miss many local events.

This year, I will go to every Music in the Mountains event. It happens at the ski resort across from our house.  People come from all over, not only singles and couples, but entire families. Everyone sits on the grassy slope above the ski shop and offices. We take blankets and fold-up chairs, and snacks. Or we purchase food from one of the local eateries that set up stalls below. Children run around playing. We socialize with our friends and neighbors. The air grows cooler, even in the height of summer. The sun sets. Then the music begins.

Every year, the events are kicked off by the Utah Symphony Orchestra. The area is a natural amphitheater, the acoustics are marvelous. The music booms and whispers around the valley. Every other week sees a different style of musical entertainment. This year’s performances include Reggae Rock and Classical New Age. I’ll see it all this year.

And the Ogden Valley Balloon and Arts Festival. We’ll go down into the valley early in the morning to see the hot air balloons rise. We’ll browse stalls of beautiful artwork and crafts, and munch our way through the food booth. In the evening, we’ll watch the balloons take off again in the dark, each lit up with lanterns. When they are high, they look like stars dancing in the night sky.

We’ll go the Pioneer Days events at the end of June. Parades, street festivals, shows and exhibitions.

I’ll visit the Farmers Market more than once or twice.  And this year I’ll take the time to listen to the musicians, and maybe I’ll ride in a stagecoach and watch a gunfight on 25th Street.

I’ll go to the Men Can Cook charity event. And the Chili Cook-off. And one where everything is made of chocolate. Ooh, and what about the one where we go from restaurant to restaurant?

If I’m not careful, I’ll look like a hippo by summer’s end.

We’ll ride the gondola at the Snowbasin resort for the Full Moon Stargazing and dinner.

We’ll go to the Lagoon Amusement Park. Not that anyone can get me up on a ride, but I enjoy the Pioneer Village, the old homes and stores which have been transported from all over the States. And I want to revisit Chesterfield, a wonderful ghost town in Idaho. I hope they still sell their homemade spiced peach jam in the little general store.

I know there’s a lot more to be seen and done, but I can’t remember all of it at the moment. Still, it’s going to be a very busy summer, and I’ll enjoy every minute.

6 responses to “Summer Fun.

  1. sounds like a wonderful summer! I hate the summer and do everything I can NOT to go out in it. But a Hot Air Balloon festival would get me out. Be sure to blog about all your backyard adventures with pictures so I can live vicariously through you :)

  2. Carol Townsend

    I remember when you took me to the Music on the Mountain evening Linda! Wonderful! Even if someone inadvertently flicked an insect off their blanket onto me…

    And I remember Chesterfield, the farmers’ market; the gondola; the volcano at Heber; the wild bison on Antelope Island; Hunstville; the water pipe across the canyon that I was CERTAIN would fall down at any minute; my first and, alas, only glimpse of a raccoon; the moose that never appeared….

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