Whisperings book six: A Conspiracy of Demons




Whisperings book six, A Conspiracy of Demons, is now live as Kindlebook on Amazon.com. Expect to see the paperback version early 2013.

Whether there are many people in your life, or only a few, losing one hits just as hard. An old friend is murdered, and a new friend stops by long enough to provide a listening ear where Royal and I need it most. Conducting our investigation under Provo PDs radar involves enough shenanigans to give this gal nightmares, and that I’m a “person of interest” doesn’t make it any easier.

You’ll never believe where this investigation takes us. Never in a million years. Not in your wildest imagination. Together with the High House, we uncover a plot of epic dimensions. Can we put a stop to it? When desperate times call for desperate measures, will there be casualties?

As if a major catastrophe in the making isn’t enough to deal with, a conversation prompts me to relook at a decades old case closer to home. What I discover makes me face a tough decision. Do I tell the police and get myself in a heap of trouble? Do I tell the victims? Or do I let it go?

 Whisperings book six: A Conspiracy of Demons.



4 responses to “Whisperings book six: A Conspiracy of Demons

  1. patricia reifel

    Please tell me your book will be available for nook at Barns & Noble. I have all of your books and will be so dissapointed not to get future books.
    I love your writing.

    • Hi Patricia,

      I’ve been in Amazon Select for 3 months so the books were exclusive there. However, this ends tomorrow, and I’ll be putting the books up on other e-tailers, including Barnes and Noble. May take me a few days, but they’re coming back!!! :)

      And thank you so much for letting me know you enjoy Whisperings.


  2. Please tell me there are more than 6 books!!! I love this series

    • Hello Toni.

      I’m afraid there’s no easy answer. I’m not sure, myself, if there will be more Whisperings books. I’m working on an urban fantasy at the moment – when I’m done with it, perhaps Tiff will have more to tell me. :)

      As you love the series, I wonder if you’d consider leaving reviews for the books on Amazon? Every review helps, as does every fan who spreads the word.

      I’m so glad you enjoy the books.


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