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For ebooks72dpiAn Amazon #1 Bestseller in Category Horror: Ghosts.

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Demon-hunters-72dpiA Barnes & Noble Nook top 100 e-book.

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Dead Demon Walking72dpiAmazon USA   Amazon UK   Amazon German   Amazon France   Amazon Spain   Amazon Italy   Amazon Canada   Amazon Brazil   Barnes & Noble   Apple iTunes   Kobo Books

Demon-burning-bright-72dpi2 Amazon USA   Amazon UK   Amazon German   Amazon France   Amazon Spain   Amazon Italy   Amazon Canada   Amazon Brazil   Barnes & Noble   Apple iTunes   Kobo Books

demon-on-distant-shore-72dpiAmazon USA   Amazon UK   Amazon German   Amazon France   Amazon Spain   Amazon Italy   Amazon Canada   Amazon Brazil   Barnes & Noble   Apple iTunes Kobo Books

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New cover for ebooks

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The Whisperings books are also available as paperbacks from most Amazon retailers.


Newest Femmes Cover

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Done Cover2Apple iTunes Amazon US Amazon UKAmazon CanadaAmazon Germany Amazon France Amazon Italy Amazon Spain Barnes & Noble Nook.


If you enjoyed my books, I would be extremely grateful if you could leave brief reviews for them wherever you purchased your copies. Your reviews and recommendations to friends help spread the word. Thank you.

4 responses to “Where to Find my Books

  1. being one of those people that read avidly, averaging 4 books a week.. I am always on the look out for something new to read. And yes I prefer series because I really do hate to say good bye to wonderfully written characters when a book reaches its end, and I do paranormal detective type books…So while searching Itunes for something new between new releases to various series, I came across Along came a Demon… it was free.. sounded like a perfect fit for me, so I downloaded it. A week later I was so involved with my new “family” that I was finishing book 6. I do hope there are more. There is so much story left to tell.. Especially with Jack and Mel’s new abilities. Please please please do not end the series here.

    • Hi Misty,

      I love hearing from readers who enjoy my books, so thanks for stopping by. And thanks for the Facebook friendship, and the wonderful things you said about my books on your page. I tried to message you but Facebook doesn’t like me today.

      As for Whisperings, my gut feeling is that Conspiracy is the last book, though you’re right, a lot more could be told. Although I want to please Whisperings fans, I don’t want to force the writing. But who knows what the far future holds? I am working on other projects at the moment.

      If you’re interested, there is a Whisperings Fans Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Whisperings.Fans

      Thanks again for writing!


  2. Loved the free book read on nookbooks

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