It’s a wonderful day in the neigborhood . . .

I am sitting outside my house, looking at a beautiful blue sky and a few fat silver clouds slowly climbing from behind the hill. Scrub oak, long wild grass, flowering shrubs and wildflowers cover our property this time of year. A big, beautiful butterfly flew past just now and tiny white ones are doing a kind of aerial ballet together, flitting in circles. My Scottie Duncan is on his belly in a patch of shade cast by the house, and Asher the cat thinks he’s going to catch a mouse on the other side of the French ditch. I complain about the snow and bitter cold in winter, the heat in summer, but really, I love this place. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. There are no street lamps, no pollution and little traffic to disturb the peace. I walk my dog along lanes silent but for bird song and the chitter of squirrels. The neighbors are friendly and would be here in a shot if I needed them, but they value their privacy, as I do mine; they are never intrusive. Days like this make me realize how much I have to be grateful for, how much of true value is in my life. I live in Eden – and if anyone thinks I’m over-reacting, that is the name of our village. I have my health, my home, a husband who loves me and I love him, I have a part time job with a charity which gives me a huge sense of accomplishment, I have my writing, and I have my wonderful readers.

Let me back up a bit. When I looked at my sales figures at the end of June, I realized that sometime during the month I passed a sales milestone. I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to it because I know authors who’ve sold a lot more in less than the 18 months this took. Then a friend said to me, don’t compare your sales to those of other authors, just as you can’t compare your writing to theirs. And she’s right. I’ve accomplished something I never dreamed of and I should be proud of it.

When I first published in November, 2009, I didn’t think this many people would buy my e-books. So when I say I’m grateful I have readers, I mean it from the depths of my heart. I’m grateful for them, and to them.

I’m amazed I receive so many emails and personal messages via Facebook and Twitter, or on my website. That is the biggest high. There is nothing like opening a message that begins, “I love your books . . .” I have always been an avid reader, yet never thought to write to an author and tell them how much I enjoy their writing. I am humbled that so many take the time to tell me.

This is my public thank you to everyone who buys my books, special thanks to those who put a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble (nice reviews encourage sales,) and oodles of love to those who send me lovely notes. You make it worthwhile.



I’m almost to the end of the first draft of Demon Demon Burning Bright. Bear in mind this is the first draft, which means there is still a way to go. Look for a preview- the first chapter – coming soon.

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