Won’t you be my beta . . .

I’m looking for a few beta readers for Demon Demon Burning Bright. Any volunteers?


Before you jump in, ask yourself this:


Can you make it a priority? This is a busy time of year, with everyone gearing up for the holiday season, so can you commit? I want to make the digital versions available the middle of December, which doesn’t leave a lot of time to work on any input you give me. And I do value input. Writing a book is easy, but writing a book people want to read involves more than slapping words on paper, and when I’ve read a manuscript a dozen times I lose my enthusiasm. I need to see the story through someone else’s eyes. Is this fight scene realistic? Does that make sense? Did I miss some inconsistency? Please tell me what the hell I’m doing because I’m not sure anymore! :)


This is the fourth book in a series. It is not a stand-alone read. I presume readers have been through the first three books and understand the references. Demon Demon Burning Bright does include some background on book three, Dead Demon Walking, but I don’t repeat everything that has happened in the entire series as I don’t want to bore readers with what they already know. So, this will be a better experience if you’ve read the series, and you’ll already be familiar with my writing style. But, if you haven’t read the series, don’t let that stop you beta reading. Just realize you won’t understand some references.


The doc:

My lovely betas for Dead Demon Walking preferred a Word document that let them type comments right in there. And, Word has a nifty thing called “Comment” in the Review section. “Comment” lets you underline a word, sentence, entire paragraph and type your thoughts in the margin. Preeeetty cool! Alternately, I can send a pdf. Please remember this work is protected by copyright laws, so don’t share it with anyone in paper or digital format.


If you would like to beta read for me, please email me at lindadwelch <at> gmail.com with Beta Read in the subject line, give me your full name and tell me why you’d like to beta read.


Good responses could be:

You need help and I’m a compassionate person.

I read a lot of the paranormal genre and think I can help you out.

You sound desperate.

I enjoy beta reading and I think I’m good at it.


A bad response would be:

I want a fee e-book but you’ll never hear from me again.


Thank you!

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