Demon-burning-bright-72dpi2Demon Demon Burning Bright is live on, and Barnes and Noble. When I get around to publishing to Smashwords, it will also be available on Smashwords, Sony, Apple, Kobo and Diesel. The paperback version will be up on Amazon US in January.

Phew! I was seriously frazzled this past week. My mind was so full of editing, thoughts of Christmas preparation yet to come, I thought I’d lose it. I’m SO glad I can take a break from writing and get on with other stuff. Mind you, I say that today, but tomorrow I may be chewing the cushions because I’m not writing!

I plan to publish Demon on a Distant Shore early in the new year. I wrote it in 2010, then decided Tiff needed to have her personal mysteries solved before she took a break from Dark Cousins and zipped off to England. I admit, Demon on a Distant Shore is an indulgence. I remember the culture shock when I first came to the States and wanted to see how Tiff coped with it. Writing the book was fun! You can read a little more about how I came to write it here.

And huge thanks to the readers who jumped in and got Demon Demon Burning Bright the moment it hit Kindle. The sales don’t show on the product page yet, but do on my KDP page. You are THE best!




Last week I asked my agent to release me from my contract, which he did. No doubt writers who are sweating bullets in their quest to find an agent will think I’m crazy. But the decision was easily made. I didn’t pursue an agent to begin with; he approached me. I was happy where I was, but an offer of representation by the chairman of a top NYC agency  – which in 2010 was ranked number one in sales for the sixth straight year by Publisher’s Market place – was flattering. Sure, I was excited, but the excitement faded when he did not follow through on statements of intent. He contacted me last week and asked if I would like to publish Along Came a Demon as an e-book through their new e-book department instead of going after a book deal with a traditional publishing house.


When I read a detailed list of what the agency offered with their new e-book initiative, I saw I would have to spend a lot of money, and still be the publisher, yet the agency would get a percentage of my royalties on top of what online retailers took. I replied that Along Came a Demon is already a published e-book selling through multiply retailers, and I considered the move a conflict of interest. So, can you let me out of my contract, please?


And, honestly, I’m relieved. I enjoy publishing as an Independent and having control over my work. I get paid once a month instead of every quarter. I can see how many books I’ve sold soon after they sell. I LOVE my one-on-one relationships with Whisperings fans. I see so many benefits to being the publisher, not the client.


I’m free!




KDP Select is a hot topic with authors. I won’t go into the specifics of the program here, but you could read David Gaughran’s very informative article, How Much Do You Want to Get Paid Tomorrow? Jumping in does have advantages. If your book is borrowed, it counts as a sale and reflects on your ranking.  And if you have published more than one book, it may encourage readers to buy your other books. I am not participating, chiefly because I sell on other e-book retailers and I’d have to pull my books from them. Many authors have joined; some have joined then opted out. I recommend that authors read the small print before joining.




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