To Be Or Not To Be

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I am a voracious reader. I enjoy nothing more than losing myself in a book, sinking into a plot, becoming immersed in a character’s personality, opinions and adventures. To me, many characters become people with whom I laugh and cry. So why am I surprised when readers feel the same way about characters I have created? Although Tiff, Royal, Jack, Mel, Gia, Mac and all the rest feel real to me, it didn’t occur to me that they do to anyone else. So all the emails, messages and comments which say, “I love this series. Please, please, don’t make this the last book!” knocked me on my tush.

And what do you do when you finish a series, and get those messages? You feel awful. You have a conversation with yourself something like this:

“I feel terrible. I hate to disappoint all these lovely people.”

“Then write another book.”

“I don’t know if I have it in me. The characters aren’t speaking to me right now.”

“Then tell them no.”

“Tell them no?”

“Yes, be honest with them. Say it’s the last book.”

“Okay. But, what if, sometime down the line, ideas explode in my head and I want to write another? I’ll have lied to everyone.”

“Then tell them maybe.”

“Yeah, but what if I don’t write another?”

“Oh, for goodness sake, you’re driving me nuts. You can’t have it both ways.”

“I’m driving you nuts? How do you think I feel?”

My problem is I have a hard time saying “no” to anyone, about anything. I hate to disappoint people. So I’ve vacillated. I’ve said yes it’s the last. I’ve said maybe, just maybe, there may be another. An author friend suggests I write an anthology of Whisperings short stories, so I’ve mentioned that, although I don’t know if it will happen. But one thing I can’t to do is force myself to write another Whisperings. I know of some authors who’ve done that to satisfy readers or their publisher, and it hasn’t ended well because the books lack that essential something, and their fans know it. And, boy, do they let the authors know.

The bottom line is I don’t see another Whisperings in the immediate future, but the door is still open. Right now I’m busy with other projects. I’ve almost finished the first draft of my dark urban fantasy Downside Rain. I will finish re-writing, then republish, my sci-fi/fantasy novels Mindbender and Galen’s Gate. They have been languishing in my computer for far too long.

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Back to work for me now. And I’ll try not to have any more arguments with myself.


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10 responses to “To Be Or Not To Be

  1. I absolutely love this series, I had downloaded a few new books on iBooks, I had recently read some not so brilliant books that completely lacked in imagination and I only kept reading them in the hope they would get better! Then I read the first one of this series and I was totally hooked! As soon as I had read one I bought the next, couldn’t get enough of the characters and story lines. I am so sad I now have to stop but I completely see your point of view on the error of writing another just to please the readers. As much as I hope and pray there is more to add to the series I wouldn’t want you to try and force a story out that wasn’t up to your usual high standard. So I will wait and hope and re read and imagine

    • I am grateful that readers understand. Honestly, I am blown away by the response to the last in the series! Thanks so much for letting me know you enjoyed the books.

      Hopefully, you and others will like Downside Rain when it is published.


  2. Carol Townsend

    Quite right. Don’t try and squeeze out a story if it isn’t there as it won’t be up to standard. And stop arguing with yourself woman, it could become a habit.

  3. Tamera LeMaster

    I will always long for more whisperings books. I will always wait and hope and pray for you to write another one. :)

  4. You have to follow your heart with writing, or it becomes stilted and frustrating and no longer the act of joy which drives us all through this insane process. When you are driven to write something because the characters won’t leave you alone, is when it is best for the readers – we benefit from your passion to get the story down.

    And ultimately in my heart I believe, the cantankerous Tiff will pop up again. You’ll be immersed in another project and she’ll prod your shoulder (which you’ll ignore), so then she’ll prod harder, and after you’ve picked yourself up off the floor she’ll demand to know why you have ignored her for so long (like she hasn’t been the one under the cone of silence.

    And failing my belief in Tiff, Mac will come to the rescue … even if he has to lomp onto your ankle for attention.


    • Never a truer word spoken! At the moment Tiff is leaving me alone, and Mac not so much as sniffing at my ankle. If Tiff ever jumps me with another story, I’ll be happy to write it.


  5. While yes, it is disappointing to think there will never be another whisperings, the truth is you have to be true to yourself before anyone else. for those of us that feel that the characters are real to us, we do have imaginations, and our minds can create little stories for them. I know that sounds weird, but I do actually do that, and then they stay real for me for just a tad longer. Yes there are questions that i would have like to explored further, like the Mothers story. We really only have the Gelfa’s to tell us the mothers are “bad” And while Gia did creep me out in ways, She could also be a real friend to both Tiff and Royal. So yes in my mind I am unsure who really is the bad guy here. And I kind of like reaching my own conclusions.

    We might be saying good bye to the whispering family, but we did love the family, and will follow you to the story and meetings of a new family. And we love them just as much. As long as you love your characters and enjoy bringing them to life, you readers will love them too. But you yourself know, if you become bored with them, the writing will be off and your readers will become bored too. So on behalf of your readers that love your writing style, we will eagerly follow you on the next journey.

    • Misty,

      Like you, I like to reach my own conclusions when I read a book. I feel stories should stimulate our imagination, not necessarily be black and white. I like the gray areas. What you say about Gia is interesting, because although Tiff sees her as the “bad guy” she also has a tiny soft spot for Gia, because I have a soft spot for her. I’m fond of Gia, she’s an unpredictable character who could go either way.

      Thanks so much for commenting and I’m glad you understand where I stand with the series. I’ve lived with Whisperings for five years, and letting go is hard. I know that’s why I left some plot devices open. Just in case. :)


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