Coming September 2013

“Don’t imagine they’re fantasy come to life. Upside tales made them pretty and ennobled some. Fairies control the black market for jewelry and amulets carved from human bones. Elves are pimps, thieves, assassins. Werekin are animals trapped in human skin. And a damsel in distress had better know how to slay the dragon ’cause no knight in shining armor’s going to do it for her.”



With his height and bulk, Castle can be mistaken for a young thug.

“I’ll be here.”

“Will you?”







“When we touch, you make me whole.”


“There is a difference between lust and desire. I desire you more than any woman I’ve known.”


“He’s ruthless in his business dealings and those who cross him have a habit of disappearing.”



Another place lies palm to palm with the world we know. Downside, Earth’s backdoor, where magic, madness and monstrosities abide; where rain falls from a cloudless red sky and neon pulses day and night.

A fallen angel in a derelict tower weeps crystal tears.

A powerful man hides a dark secret.

Wraiths skim through the streets.

Rain and Castle dispose of monsters, be they mischievous but relatively benign
sprites, or ghouls which don’t limit their feasting to the already dead. When the
hunters become the hunted, they must survive attacks by demons and Gettaholt
citizens compelled by powerful magic. Who is trying to kill them, and why? Can
a wraith die twice?



An urban fantasy novel.

Coming soon to Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook AND Sony iTunes .

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