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Anyone who knows me, knows I am passionate about animal welfare, so I’m delighted to have this opportunity to spread the word about two fabulous books, story collections put together by talented authors, of which 10% will go to animal humane societies with no-kill policies. Please read what Curiosity Quills Press has to say about these perfectly creepy Halloween reads. If you get these books, you help the animals at the same time!

Image and video hosting by TinyPicCuriosity Quills Press brings together bestselling authors like J.R. Rain, Tony Healey, A.W. Exley, and more to create a spine-tingling, mind-blowing, quirky collection of short stories in their first ever, annual Curiosity Quills: Primetime Anthology. 10% of every purchase will go straight to animals in need. The CQ team has selected humane societies on both the East and West coast that spend well and do not stray from their “no-kill” policies. Included Short Stories:

And Death Shall Have No Dominion – K.H. Koehler. Sometimes dead really is better… but not always attainable.

A Nick Englebrecht short. Cyber Cowboy – James Wymore. An accountant, separated from the woman he loves, must decide if he has what it takes to save her from the horrible fate dealt when the Actuator turns her half of the city into a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Dark Orb – Tony Healey. It’s 1985 and young George is going to encounter some of the darkness that people face in their lives, and come to understand how they manage to live with it… if they are able to.

Ephemera – Gerilyn Marin. While touring a house for signs of a paranormal activity, amateur psychic consultant Giselle Boudreaux has a frightening encounter unlike anything she’s experienced before.

The Fridge – J.R. Rain. A man buys a top-of-the-line kitchen appliance and watches, horrified, how it quickly puts his life on ice. But when he wins and manages to put himself out of its reach by what most would call spectacularly losing, the FRIDGE has the last laugh.

Ghost Placers – Nina Post. When the owner of a ghost relocation service gets the chance to land a lucrative contract that would change his life forever, he must decide if achieving the success he’s always dreamed of is really worth the cost.

Gothic Gwen – A.W. Exley. It’s not the constant taunts from the other kids driving sixteen year old Gwen bat shit crazy, but the white hot pain spiking through her brain. Seeking refuge in her small sanctuary, she wants to know why, just for once, can’t the cosmos cut a girl some slack?

How I Killed the Drama – Mike Robinson. A traveling salesman, staying overnight in an out-of-the-way hotel, stumbles upon the astonishing secret of humankind’s every teardrop and every turmoil, and resolves to take advantage.

Mad Science – Sharon Bayliss. Nothing can stand in the way of Heather marrying her true love. Even her fiancee’s death. Both love and science are best when done madly…

On the Rocks – William Vitka. In the quest for Earth’s resources, there is space…and there is madness in the black.

Razor Child – Michael Shean. In a society so glittering, it feels like shards of ice cutting through tender skin, there arises a Mother that feeds Her Razor children enough of a pap of truth and lies to make them do anything with a madman’s smile. Literally anything.

Sinergy – A.E. Propher & Grace Eyre. Antoine DeLongville, once a high-ranking member of the Catholic Church, flees from the secretive Order after he discovers their plot to target the only woman he’s ever loved. His journey is marked with both extreme danger and remarkable fortune, as if unseen forces are waging a war over his fate.

Tell Us Everything – Randy Attwood. Goth girl connects her piercings to perceive the truths around her and starts broadcasting the news.

The Caw – Eliza Tilton. Lena’s plan is to spend one perfect night with Johnny Ridge; regardless if it’s in a creepy cemetery, but as the night twists, and her best friend disappears, Lena discovers some things are more terrifying than the dead.

The Damned and the Dangerous – Michael Panush. La Cruz looks like an average Southern California small town, but it has some dark secrets – and it has its guardians. They are the supernaturally adept drivers of Donovan Motors, including zombie greaser Roscoe, who stand between La Cruz and chaos with only their wits and some fast hot rods to help them.

The Last Carnivale – Vicki Keire. Roaming the forbidden surface of her burnt and twisted world, the princess of ash and cinders finds hope one day too late.

The Milgram Battery – Matthew Graybosch .Obedience isn’t always a virtue, and defiance isn’t always a sin.

The Notebook – Randy Attwood. College professor returns to his student apartment to see if a notebook he left in the attic is still there; some truths are better left untold.

The Pearl – Rand B. Lee. Fantasy lovers are inexorably drawn to the borderlands of consensus reality. In this story, Rand B. Lee explores the twilight realm between death and afterlife from the viewpoint of one of society’s most despised castoffs.

Trevor – Nathan Yocum. Cargo Specialist Trevor Ponsi wakes up for his shift–just like any other day. Oddly enough, the crew has vanished, the vessel is wildly off-course, and the ship’s AI insists on holding Trevor hostage until he can win a round of tic-tac-toe. What exactly happened while he was asleep?

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Primetime’s steamier counterpart, Curiosity Quills: After Dark, where bestselling authors like A.W. Exley, Nathan L. Yocum, Jose Prendes, Jade Hart, and more come together to bring you hard-hitting, sexy, violent, and dark short stories to read when the sun has gone down and the kids are in bed. Just like its twin, 10% of every purchase will go straight to animals in need. The CQ team has selected humane societies on both the East and West coast that spend well and do not stray from their “no-kill” policies. Included Short Stories:

Mirror Amour – Jade Hart. When a sex circus plants itself unapologetically in the middle of her busy life, a young microbiologist finds herself tumbling headlong into a night of unbridled sensuality that takes her straight to a fork in the road that will forever shred her comfy boring world.

Pop Star Fist Fight – Jose Prendes. A handful of midgets. Two starlets. One shot at a title of the Queen of Pop. Fame Fucking Hurts.

Precious Blood – Gerilyn Marin. Weary of her existence as a vampire, Annalese seeks the truth to a legend which says she may live again if she consumes the blood of a fallen angel. Misunderstandings, and a not necessarily willing Fallen One, bring about an unforeseen turn of events.

The Quark Machine – Nathan Yocum. Professor Northwip invents an AI computer that can self-replicate on a nano-scale. His exploration of infinitely small realities is cut short when he suddenly wakes up naked on an island with no memories of how he got there. What perilous dangers has Professor Northwip unleashed? Who fears the true nature of the Quark Machine?

The Quarry – A W Exley. Jema Johnson delivers a pounding in the court room, but it’s the pounding at the base of her skull draining her spirit and sanity, until a one night encounter in a club offers far more than a headache cure.

When Pigs Fly – A.E. Propher. A mother writes a farewell letter to her adopted son before being shipped off to a concentration camp for those inflicted with HVV, Human Vampirism Virus.

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