Tiff Takes on Halloween (A Whisperings Short)

Tiff Cover Final

Now on Amazon, the revised version of this story featured here in 2013 has additional material and plot twists.

Join Tiff, Royal, Jack and Mel on Halloween. Following a shade into an unoccupied, cobweb-infested mansion is only the beginning of Tiff’s adventure with things that go bump in the night. This is All Hallows’ Eve, and anything can happen.


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23 responses to “Tiff Takes on Halloween (A Whisperings Short)

  1. I came across your writings by accident but instantly became hooked! Please continue the adventures of Tiff and Royal!

    • Shaun, I’m always thrilled when someone takes the time to visit here and leave a comment! Thank you so much. There may well be another Whisperings book somewhen in the future. In the meantime, I hope you check out Downside Rain. I just finished the first draft for a second Downside book. :)

  2. I’ve read all six books and loved them. I hope life will give you a chance to write more. Keep up the great work. : )

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Whisperings. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and let me know, Diane!The thing about life is you never know what it will bring. ;)


  3. More Whisperings books Please!!! Loved Tiff Takes On Halloween & look forward to whatever you have planned for Christmas :)

  4. I have not purchased an ebook for over a year, until I read your first whispering book. Now I have just finished #6.
    I understand where you are at with the series, but… Riff and Royal are such a great couple! And what happens to Chris? Lord Lawrence? Adventures out of the house with jack and Mel?
    Honestly, I now feel like Mac, waiting at the pantry door for any treat (story) that may come my way!

    • All the wonderful comments are uplifting. I am SO grateful to everyone who takes the time to say a few words.

      You made me chuckle, Mary, because as I was reading your comment I looked down to see my Scotty almost on my feet, perked ears and bright eyes telling me he wanted a treat.

      There will be more Whisperings short stories here. If you like an extra dollop of romance in a Whisperings story, check back here at Christmas. ;)

  5. We need more “Whisperings”, Please!!!! On my knees here, begging.

  6. So entertaining! I would love to hear more. And more after that please!

  7. Love tiff ,royal, Mel and jack. Hope new story will be written and out to buy like yesterday! :)

  8. Book 6 isn’t the last novel, I hope? (Please?)

  9. I enjoyed that. Let’s have some more light-hearted tales about Tiff and Royal.xxx

  10. Thanks for the encouragement, ladies!

  11. ha! More Royal in a kilt! ;)

  12. How abort several shorties AND a new Whisperings novel?

  13. Yes, Yes, Yes I want more stories. More books would be great too!

  14. It was like finding old friends after years of separation! I miss them so very much.

  15. Loved the story! I Miss Tiff and everyone. More books PLEASE!!!!!!!

  16. that was sooo cute, and you know I miss Tiff and Royal… So yes please!

  17. It’s like visiting old friends. More, please!

  18. I would love more stories about Tiff and Royal. I miss them!

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